W13 Records,
Based in Rennes, France

W13 Records is an independant label created in 2017 in France. The label aggregate Remi Lesueur's music activities : film music scoring and production using his real name & electro music production under the alias "Wiiran".

Film music scoring activity combines Remi's passion for stories, cinema & music. His vision ? "Music has to tell another story". In 5 years, he has had the opportunity to work on several various and interesting projects (web serie, short movie, ad campaign, podcast...). He truly believes that pertinent music & coherent sound design can make the difference for audiovisual productions.

On the other side, Wiiran is an intimist and melodic electro project, a mix between minimal, trip-hop and chillout. In 4 years, he autoproduced 2 EP (Daydreaming in Progress & 25th hour), a few singles, and an album "Perspectives", out on every streaming platform online from october 2016. Eclectic and poetic, his instrumental universe is made of mesmerinzed synth waves, soft drum beats and catchy acoustic piano themes. In 2018, he challenged himself to do 1 new track/month, inspired by nature.

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2018, Rémi Lesueur - Scrolles-moi!, web serie

2018, Wiiran - Wild Wonders Challenge

2017, R. Lesueur -"FMA, mother!"P. Germain

2017,  R. Lesueur - "Comment c'est raconté", podcast, B. Rambaud

2016, Wiiran - Perspectives. ​1st album

2015, R. Lesueur - God Bless Zombies, web serie for MyTF1, P. Germain

2015, R. Lesueur - La Cérébreuse, B. Rambaud

2015, Wiiran - 25th hour. 2nd EP
2014, R. Lesueur - Ad campaign for Garmin®
2013, Wiiran - Daydreaming in Progress. 1st EP



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